From the recording The Wonder of It All


“The Wonder of it All”
Music and Lyrics by: Townsend, Ospina, Schwarze
copyright 2018 - The Mood Kings

It's the breath before the splash
It's the glance of childhood past
It's the groan of hope unfulfilled
It's the fatted calf before the kill

It's unbridled laughter in the yard
It's the blood that's now a scar
It's the sting of love that's lost
It's the prize without the cost

Oh, the wonder of it all

It's the fear that spurs you on
It's the grey that meets the dawn
It's the treason behind the kiss
It's the reason for this this this

It's the pause before the end
It's the hand of a long-lost friend
It's the heart when all is said and done
It's the moon that hides the sun

Oh, the wonder of it all

Don’t waste time
Always looking back
You can’t change a thing
And you can’t take it all back

So, just pause the world
Try to take it all in
What sets you free
Is what you find within...

It's the touch that speaks of home
It's the hungry ache when you're alone
It's the splendor of word and melody
It's the bend in the road that you can't see

It's the cry behind closed doors
It's the waves that crash upon the shore
It's the treasure behind the wall
It's feeling love in spite of it all
In spite of it all

Oh, the wonder of it all